I Am Rebecca examines the existence and welfare of the American Dream through the life of Rebecca Mabior, a refugee living in Missouri.



“I have achieved my American Dream now.” – Rebecca Mabior
Rebecca is a mother, raising three children with her husband John.  She is a nurse, working as a labor and delivery RN in Kansas City, Missouri.  She is a homeowner, a devoted wife, and an activist, calling for equality at the Women’s March in Washington, D.C.  Rebecca is also a refugee, a person who escaped persecution and probable death for standing up to power in Sudan seventeen years ago.
I Am Rebecca tells the story of this remarkable person as she revisits her past, assesses the present political climate in the United States, and advocates for the future of her family and other refugees.  The result is a subtle and deeply emotional examination of identity, displacement, and the fate of this American Dream.  


Support Refugees

this film is grateful for the access to and exhaustive efforts of jewish vocational services, who for over 50 years has been providing resettlement services, personal development counseling, employment and training services, and legal support for refugees.
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Other noteworthy organizations that support refugees at every part of the migration journey include:
catholic charities
Asylum Access
Oxfam America
Doctors without Borders
Save the Children
Mercy Corps



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